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The Eric Woodward Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 to support charitable organizations and worthwhile efforts within Greater Langley. It is a Fort Langley organization of local residents and business people dedicated and commitment to Fort Langley for community benefit, not just profit.


Fort Langley Properties Ltd, a new corporate holding company, was also formed in 2019, and is irrevocably, legally bound to donate all of its profits to registered charities, with particular focus on charities within Greater Langley, such as the Township of Langley, Langley School District Foundation, or the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, as just a few potential examples.

As announced in August 2018, all real estate holdings of Statewood Properties Ltd, wholly owned by Eric Woodward, and all long-term lease rights, will be transferred to Fort Langley Properties Ltd to the ongoing, permanent benefit of such registered charities, which started in 2019. The first 7 properties were transferred in 2019.

All profits from the future development of up to four redevelopment sites will accrue to Fort Langley Properties Ltd and, from there, to registered charities.


To ensure the historic village of Fort Langley is unique and vibrant for decades to come for community benefit, not profit.


  • developing quality, beautiful buildings built to last, with social and environmental stewardship first and foremost

  • ensuring economic uniqueness and vitality with a vibrant, locally-owned and operated complementary business mix, with minimal dependence on chains

  • having the Directors of the Foundation be local residents or business people within Fort Langley

  • helping our fellow Langley area residents and neighbours through charitable giving, large and small

  • supporting truth and reconciliation with First Nations as true economic partners within Fort Langley


Coulter Berry is a new LEED Gold mixed-use, retail, office and residential building at the corner of Glover Road and Mavis Avenue, completed in 2016.

Coulter Berry has changed and refined Fort Langley with new retail tenants, restaurants, high-end offices and residences within the commercial core of Fort Langley.

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Built to last, and one of the most energy efficient buildings that could have been built, it is an example of village development done right, with a valance between scale, walkable design, and mixed-uses and impactful economic development and pedestrian urban forms.


Fort Langley Properties Ltd and Statewood Properties Ltd together own approximately 38% of the commercial area of Fort Langley, about 80% of the commercial area on Glover Road between 96th Avenue and Mavis Avenue, the geographic heart of the village.

Eric Woodward assembled this concentration of commercial property over 15 years, starting in 2005. He completed multiple renovations and the construction of the LEED Gold Coulter Berry Building in 2016.

As the transition from Statewood Properties Ltd to Fort Langley Properties and the Eric Woodward Foundation completes, the heart of Fort Langley will now be developed and operated to the benefit of all, with community before profit.

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