In November 2019 the Foundation committed to donate $100,000 to the Langley Hospice's new 15-Bed Hospice Residence Project located next to the Langley Memorial Hospitial on 52nd Avenue.

The Foundation sponsored the Library and Gathering Space within the new hospice facility, as a recognition of the importance of this space within this facility, and hospice overall.

In late 2018 the Foundation announced that it had committed to a total donation of $1,100,000 towards the new Emergency Room capital expansion at the Langley Memorial Hospital.

The Foundation officially sponsored the pediatric area and pediatric waiting lounge areas. The new Emergency Room and MRI is expected to be completed sometime in early 2021.

In late 2018 the Foundation commmitted to a $5,000 per year donation to CARES for five years, for a total of $20,000.

Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter was formed in 1993 when a group of animal lovers wanted a shelter for animals that were homeless.

CARES provide shelter for stray, abandoned and unwanted cats in a safe, loving, cage free environment. There is a no kill policy at CARES, which is parammount to the Foundation for its financial support. Any animals that are not adopted will be able to live the rest of their natural lives at the shelter.

CARES is located on Glover Road within the Township of Langley.

In 2018 the Foundation contributed $10,000 to the Langley School District Foundation to be put towards the expansion and renewal of the outdoor playground at Fort Langley Elementary School.

In late 2018 The Foundation committed to covering the operating costs of the newly completed LAPS Cat Intake and Isolation Facility, commonly known as the ISOasis. Adjacent to the main facility, the ISOasis is a separate building specific to the care and ioslation of cats and kittens.

We committed to an annual donation of $20,000 for five years.

New operating costs are often overlooked as a component of capital expansion. With a new structure such as the ISOasis comes additional operating costs for energy, cleaning and maintenance. The Foundation agreed to cover those for LAPS for an initial five year period to ensure other services wouldn't be affected and additional operating fundraising for the operation of the facility wouldn't be of concern.