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The Foundation has three development applications under active development and/or already applied for with the Township of Langley.

With these developments it is the Foundation's primary goal to retain the small-town character of Fort Langley. The Foundation wants to construct new buildings for expanded business opportunties, economic development and retaining Fort Langley's historic and distinctive character, all for charitable purposes.

The Foundation stands by its commitment to ensure that as many of the businesses here in Fort Langley are operated by as many small business owners residing within Fort Langley or Langley as possible.

First and foremost, the Foundation wants to help create a thriving, walkable community, designed for people, not cars. Walk through the village to make your daily rounds. Enjoy an evening stroll, greeting neighbouring families and their pets, and to have as many of our vehicles underground as possible out of sight.

The Foundation prioritizes environmental stewardship and responsibility, doing our part, following in the tradition of the LEED Gold Coulter Berry Building completed in 2016, a model for our future, our children, ourselves, and other communities.

The Foundation prioritizes supporting individual small-business owners in-lieu of chain stores for unique destinations that will ensure Fort Langley truly remains somewhere different.



In the Spring of 2020, the Foundation finally secured approval from Langley Township Council to remove four derelict buildings that were becoming a permanent blight on the Fort Langley streetscape.

Over the summer, the Foundation began and has now substantially completed the process to restore this area to an open green space and play area for public use until redevelopment becomes possible, if it does.

When completed, this restoration will include additional material and top soil to level the site, all new turf, expanded play areas, 10 picnic tables, ping pong, public art, site fencing, and wide open spaces for a wide variety of possible uses.

With approval secured this past summer, the Foundation has now also applied to remove the last remaining derelict building on the Glover Mary Church site. This is expected to be completed by early 2021.


The Foundation is in the process of completing a substantial revision of its previous application for Glover Mary Church proposal with slightly lower building heights, a setback 3rd floor at the corner of Glover Road and Mary Avenue, improved retail and expanded outdoor flex spaces. The Foundation currently expects this revision to be ready for submission to the Township of Langley later in 2020, or early 2021.


The Foundation is also revising the previous proposal of a small development for 9180 Glover Road, warmly known as the Cool Small Building. It will remain a no variance two story application with one retail unit with one residence above. The proposal is being revised for new architectural character and overall appearance. The Foundation currently expects this revision to be ready for submission to the Township of Langley later in 2020, or early 2021.


The Foundation has now applied for a single-story no variance development on the west side of Glover Road at 9213 and 9217 Glover Road. The Foundation has proposed that it be developed into a destination restaurant preserving and designed around Wallace Walnut, the 75 year-old Walnut tree that has become a prominent fixture of the Fort Langley streetscape.

Submitting this application should also serve to satisfy Council's condition for a development application prior to allowing the removal of the two permanently derelict buildings on this development site. It is also being designed such that it can be incorporated into a more complete development application for the entirety of Glover Road West sometime in the future.